Together we will take Steps to Cure Sarcoma. 

The needs of the sarcoma community are many – the need for more awareness, more education, and more resources is unquestionable. The heart of the Sarcoma Foundation of America’s (SFA) mission is research. The SFA is the leading patient advocacy organization for sarcoma research. And we know we still need to do more. More research, more hope.

Take your first Step to Cure Sarcoma by joining our challenge this month.

Who? All of us together.

What? Choose your Steps Challenge. Raise funding for sarcoma research and advocacy.

When? The whole month of July.

Where? Right where you are, indoors, outdoors, anywhere you want.

Why? Because life-saving treatments only come with increased research.

How? Register today, take your steps, fundraise, and share your awesomeness on social media.